The thing I liked about CHIP was that it brought all the lifestyle recommendations together and reinforced each benefit to provide a wholistic program.

Lifestyle recommendations from Michelle

“I enrolled in CHIP as my doctor said my cholesterol levels were quite high for my age and I wanted to get back to normal levels without starting medication or becoming unwell. With the support of the CHIP team, I changed the way I ate and moved, and brought my cholesterol levels back into a normal range (and as a bonus lost weight!).  I particularly enjoyed being with people who were trying to achieve similar results, as it challenged me to try harder.”

Lifestyle recommendations from Elaine

“I enrolled in CHIP when my diabetes (Type 2) spiralled out of control despite having had it under control for 20 years through diet and exercise. I was lucky to do the program and it has changed my life. My health improved so much that I stopped taking blood pressure and cholesterol tablets and halved the diabetic medication. I exercise more, often walking 14,000 steps per day as well as aqua aerobics for 1 hour 4 times a week. I lost 10kg on the program and I feel so much fitter. It’s not only been good for my health, it’s been good for my mind too, I just wish I had gone sooner.”

Lifestyle recommendations from Edi

“I enrolled in CHIP as I want to learn how to be healthier and fitter. I am getting older and would like to have a healthy lifestyle when I retire. Amongst many things CHIP taught me was a different way of eating, which in turn made me feel healthier and fitter with more mental focus.  I actually felt amazing!  I lost weight which is usually difficult for me but it was so easy with this lifestyle. I just felt so well. And as an extra bonus, I have formed some lovely friendships!”

Lifestyle recommendations from Zanita

“I initially enrolled in CHIP to see what I could do about my cholesterol which as I got older was slowly creeping up. Since then I have attended a CHIP program every year and find it motivating and rewarding to give back to the program. Since 2013 I have continued to follow the majority of the CHIP recommendations, the majority of the time. I continue to feel well with no health issues despite being older. I believe it is a program for everyone, not just those with health issues as I believe prevention is far better than cure. I try to dispel the myth that the program is only for those with health problems.

The thing I liked about CHIP was that it brought all the lifestyle recommendations together and reinforced each benefit to provide a wholistic program.  The group aspect was motivating and supportive and helped me keep accountable. It also made it fun.”

“I know people who think they wouldn’t benefit from a CHIP program but aren’t aware yet of their risk factors for chronic disease. In my belief that is when they would benefit – prior to diagnosis! Why wait to enjoy the benefits!”

Lifestyle recommendations from Joan

“I had recently lost my husband to cancer when I noticed an advertisement for a CHIP program about to commence in my community.  Feeling rather miserable and unhappy I hoped that this health program would help me climb the difficulties ahead of me. I committed to following the program. I walked often with a friend in the early morning, drank my 2L of water each day and made other dietary adjustments as outlined in the lectures. The goodwill and concern for my wellbeing by the staff and presenters encouraged me to persist. At the end of 3 months, I had lost weight, my blood pressure had lowered and most importantly for me, I was in a happier place. The encouragement and concern shown by the staff for my wellbeing, was for me, the highlight of the program. They helped me stay focussed on my goal to complete the course and to smile again.”

Lifestyle recommendations from Maureen

“I originally enrolled in CHIP to change my poor eating habits to healthy ones and to lose a few kilograms. But not only did I lose 10 kilograms on the program, I made many new friends and learnt how to cook the CHIP way, replacing foods I used to eat with healthy alternatives. I shocked my specialist doctor because I got rid of Barretts disease. He had told me dietary changes wouldn’t help! And my hair and nails grew much stronger.”

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